Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bedtime for Dragons

A little dragon not wanting to sleep. So it jumped onto the cupboard screaming down "nooo i do not need to sleep. Noo its not late yet. Nooo my bed is not comfy". At the end it only needed some cookies and some milk as bribes and the Dragon went to bed. Good Pjs are rare in second life. There is lots of good looking lingerie and you also could get good looking undies for men at stores like vitamen. But how about cute and funny pjs? Intrigue has this cute dragon pj. It comes even with a tail and dragonslippers. To say it short its adorable and lovely and just the cutest pj i have seen for a long time. The set comes with a version for guys and one for girls so you could make a dragonpj party with your best friends. Or you get yourself one of the other pjs from Intrigue. There are more which are made like this one available at the store. I only liked the dragon one best as i roleplay as dragon and so its not only a pj its also a great item for roleplay.

Pjs: Intrigue Co. - Dragon PJs (100$)

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