Friday, January 28, 2011

3 years A:S:S

Sitting at home after having taken a bath. Smoking a cigar and eating a piece of the a:s:s birhtday cake while thinking about the tricky questions which lowrise trousers to wear. Which makeup to put on and which shirt to add to the trousers. A:S:S (anotherstupidtshirtshop) is a great store. They got cool trousers, cool shirts and supercool makeup. To say it short i love their stuff and the love and the creativity which is put in every item. This weekend its the 3rd birthday of A:S:S and i d like to wish an happy birthday of course. And go on like this.One of their latest releases were those 69 shirts. Of course they are also sold for 69$. They come on all layers including a primpart which has an inbuilt belt.
So here a picture of all of them. The feathers for the head are also from a:s:s as well as the trousers.
Tops: A:S:S - 69 Raglan (one 69$)
Trousers: A:S:S - Zipper pants - black (75 $)
Feathers for the hair : a:s:s : Feather hair clips (50$ each or 120$ for the fatpack)

Coat on the first picture: A:S:S - Oscar - black (95 Linden)

(this weekend all the items are sold for 50% so hurry to get a bargain and maybe some cool feathers)

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