Sunday, January 23, 2011


Alice wandering around searching for the rabbit. But she can't find i at all. She had met a crazy cat. Drunken strange drinks but no bunny and no rabbit. Its annoying. So she decides to go home. There she spends some time with searching for a turtle after that she has to go to bed.
When trying to win this alice like dress i only thought wow cool thats a cool dress i could use in roleplay. But then when getting the reations while wearing it i started to understand oh oh it looks like the dress alice in wonderland wears. I only read the books and do not have a tv so i had no clue about the films (i have a big lack in education in those things). Its kind of funny that i won at the next days fitting hair and even a fitting skin for the outfit. The hair is from trico and the skin from mothers goose. The eyes are from Sterling Artistry eyes the only eyeshop i visit.
Dress left: +NK+Maid Revolution_alice (0$ Lucky board)
Dress right: + NK + -2011_U- red (0$ Lucky board)
Hair: :::{{trico}}:::GINETTE for LB limited color
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Prida(2)LB/winter (0$ Lucky board)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes: sa_StarlightEyes_GlisteningDew (50$)

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