Saturday, January 29, 2011

Then my wish had been granted

Finally culottes!! ok so with this whole outfit they're a little more like hareem pants, but they're culottes really they are! IZM has come good yet again, and not only by providing us culottes (yeah yeah the culotte thing was a personal challenge of mine) but they put them on the lucky board! eeeeeeeeeek! so they come complete with the belt and cute embroidered bag attached, also with the leggings with tie around the knee.I have a feeling these with be a firm favourite of mine for a long time.

Culottes: Free group lucky board item > Izm
Top: L$10 white sari top > Zeery's
Jewelry: L$99 Warrior jewelry set > Ganked
Shoes: Free group gift ( set of 4 ) > Tram
Hair: Free gift > Yuna's hair

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