Saturday, January 29, 2011

In which I grab my purse and head to the shops

It's not often you can say that when you pick up your purse that it has more in it than the last time you looked! but that happened to me today and I think it was the work of pixies, I love pixies! ;P If you want a purse like mine (contents excluded) go grab this group gift at autre. Whilst you're out pick up this shirt on the lucky board at !1mm. There are 2 different coloured versions at the both stores and come with a tie, however I detached it and added a scarf instead. I picked up this pink version at the main store.

Shirt: Free lucky board item > !1mm
Hair: Free gift ( says demo on the ad ) > Yuna's hair
Purse: Free group gift > AuTre
Shoes: Free group gift ( comes in a 4 pack) > Tram
Scarf: L$5 gift silk sun scarf- english rose > Zeery's
Pants: Former subscribo gift  relax pants ( could still be in history) > Pesca

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