Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy anniversary Ezura

Its the 2nd anniversary of Ezura. A great store for gothic and romantic fashion. And well also for sexy stuff. The store is named after the Designer and she seems to like it when its only needed to take the skirt off to wear something sexy which looks good in every bedroom. Which is great as great lingerie worn under a great dress but being not completly covered by the dress could sometimes look extremly nongreat.

The latest release from Ezura are the Willow gowns. And for men there are fitting suits to the dresses available. Which is an as great idea as creating outfits which could be also used as lingerie. The gowns are available in 4 colours, black, mocha, emerald and teal. Dress: + ezura + Willow Lady *Mocha Gown Set (458$)

As i have a thing for teal i like the teal version of the dress best of course. The dresses come with sleeves for the arms but could also be worn without.
Dress: + ezura + Willow Lady *teal Gown Set (458$)

The dresses are not only available in a gown version. There is also a version sold which comes with a short skirt or a skirt which is short at the front but long at the backside. In the gown version are also open skirts included. But those are open at the side not at the whole front. Both versions have in common that they could be worn as lingerie. For that its only needed to take off the skirt and maybe also the sleeves.
Dress: + ezura + Willow Lady *Emerald Mini + Ero Set (458$)

Currently for groupmembers the blue version of the Willow Gowns is available as groupgift. But only for people who have joined the Ezura group before the anniversary event started. At the moment the group is closed. On the lucky board the Mini version in blue could be won at the moment.
Dress: + ezura + 2nd Anniversary VIP Lucky Board (0$ you need to be a groupmember)

As written there are also fitting suits for men available. This is a picture of the black one. It also suits women well. I like the lightly stripped trousers a lot.
Outfit: + ezura + Willow Male *Coal Set (458$)

When taking pictures at this great location (its somewhere in the City of lost Angels) i had to take an other picture of one of my favourite gowns from Ezura its the Winter Night gown in black. I still love all those flowers on it so much.
Dress: + ezura + Winter Night Set *Black (488$)

There is also a sale takeing place at the store. Some items are sold for 50% the sale takes place from 28-31th Jan and 4th-7th Feb.

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  1. Those are very nice clothes. I'll keep this store in mind next time I need models in gothic or romantic fashions.