Tuesday, February 8, 2011

[disclipline, anyone?]

Black is this week's dominant *coughs* colour in the '52 Weeks Of Color' challenge, and the massive amounts of this shade in my inventory made it kinda hard to decide. Then I saw Luna's beautiful pic with the harness I'd planned on wearing and needed to change my plans a little not to look like a copycat, but I have to confess that I like this outfit even more than the one I originally had in mind. Many thanks go out to Disembodied Hand, owner of :Defectiva:, who created the most stunning pair of breeches I've been hunting for ever since I joined SL years ago, and to Kyoot for their truely awesome customer service. Guys like you rock my world!


My heart is burnin' with desire
To push the limits a lil' bit higher
'Love hurts' so they say
You will like it, babe, if you do it my way

I'm gonna teach you right now
Pretty baby, some discipline
You better take it
I'm gonna give you right now
Pretty baby, some of it...

The 69 Eyes - Discipline

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Chinstrap
Hair: Amacci Hair - Nevin ( + hairbase)
Eyes: MADesigns - Individual (glaze)

Shirt: Schadenfreude - Noir Oxford Shirt
Harness: Kyoot - Addicted to Dopamine Harness
Breeches: :Defectiva: - Oppressive Force
Boots: [ hoorenbeek ] - Riding Boots

Belt: *BLITZED* - Legacy Belt
Riding Crop: Abranimations - Riding Crop v1b


  1. Love the look, very dark, very sexy, very dominant...

  2. /me winks @ Rudh ... mmmhhh ... yeah ... that's what you like ;-) ...
    but I totally agree ... *grins*
    cool post

  3. LOVE the pants. Pose pulls in the domish look, Great look

  4. Thanks for your kind comments, they're much appreciated! <3