Friday, February 11, 2011

Make up your eyes

I love the makeup layer. Its just great to give the Avatar a unique look without having to use an other skin than one's favourite skin. Sometimes its nice when just the lips get an other colour but i like massive makeup for the eyes best. So im stunned by the new makeups from Adam n Eve. They are big i would say and also striking. I like also the elegance of the lines a lot. Makeup: Adam n Eve Goth Tattoo Buttons & Bows (100$)

This one has much Kajal of course there wasn t anything changed at the lips (much Kajal and lipstick wouldn t work and the creator has taste). On that way the eyes remind me a bit on butterflys. And its impressing that it has been managed to create the look of little stones just with using texture.
Makeup: Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Flourished (100$)

Here are even more stones used. I think this one might be great for a roleplay character. Maybe its even playable that all those diamonds have a special function. Like enabling that the character could sense something humans normaly can't sense. The eyeshadows is also very nice and the little red dots fit well. I have to admit i would never have the patience to paint and glue such an artwork into my face in rl. So its great to have it in second life and that just with putting on a makeup layer and without annoying fights with prims.
Makeup: Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Bedazzled (100 $)

There are some available with little leaves. This one has violet and black ones. In my opinion they fit well to fairy characters of maybe wood elves. Its also stunning here how much the apparance of the face gets changed just through the makeup layer. There are some more designs available at the store and its definitly worth to take a look. And at the moment there is also a gift in the store. A makeup layer with a little heart for the cheek.
Makeup: Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Fae (100$)

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