Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who says I can't wear that?

My father! that's who always said that to me in my days as a real life student. So when I picked up these boots  from Deco in the menstuff hunt , I knew instinctively what I would wear them with...I'd wear them with exactly what I would have done when I was a student.
{ "you wear such pretty things then I look down and you've got on some miners old boots, you can't go out looking like that!" ... "urghhh dad!"  - * goes off to sulk and listen to The Smiths* }
  The top part of this outfit is made up of 2 different tops - being a tunic ( from oyakin)  and the long sleeve part is  part of a sweater ( from Emery). Love this tutu style skirt ...which [yes dad] would look sweet with some little ballet pumps.

Skirt: Free lucky board item > Chocolate atelier
Tunic top : Free cupid hearts hunt item > link to follow..sorry sl doesn't want to play today!
Sweater:  Free group gift > Emery
Belt: L $1  gacha item - hot pink > Chuculet
Gloves: L$50 > League
Hair: Free 10,000 group gift > D!va
Boots: Free menstuff hunt item > Deco
Scarf: Free gift > Mr Poet
Leggings: Free somapop hunt item > Somapop
Glasses: Free > Maschienenwerk

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