Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fade to grey

Still on my masculine/feminine theme I've thrown together a few items from the menstuff hunt ( look for the black t.shirt icon ) . I love these shorts which are a group gift ( mens) at bubblez . You can edit them so that the gusset prim hangs lower making them a baggy hareem style pant. The boots are also a group gift from Mary Jane shoes and have a colour change hud I LOVE colour change huds! The shirt which is from SB menswear in the menstuff hunt has various options too being short/long sleeve, tucked/untucked shirt & buttoned/unbuttoned collar. I love items that are adaptable like that , it shows a lot of clever thought on the designers part in my opinion and of course much better value for your linden. That is when you buy their full price items tee hee! so whilst I love to grab a bargain ( don't we all ) the freebies we collect are also a good representation of the quality you can expect from the designers, and therefore encouraging to purchase full price items. I know it's helped me discover my favourites.

Shirt: Free menstuff hunt gift > SB menswear
Vest: Free menstuff hunt gift > 22769
Shorts: Free group gift > Bubblez
Boots: Free group gift ( group gift has changed since I started this post now some stilettos) > Mary jane shoes
Belt: Former FLF item > Miel

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