Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Golden Emotions

Being dressed in gold while walking through flowers. The dress is elegant but it works for going for a walk as well as for attending an important ceremony. To say it briefly its a great dress for roleplaying.
emotions gold dress 1
This beautiful dress from Emotions is named Minerva. The roman virgin godess of poetry and wisdom. So its not really surprising that the dress is golden. All the primparts even the wristlets and the ones of the upper arms come with a resizescript. That means the outfit is easily to adjust. For those who prefer complete outfits is also fitting hair included. Its a good thing that Emotions is also a great store for hair that means you often get hair with an outfit. If you look at the EMO-tions blog you could see the outfit with the hair. Im very bad in makeing hair fit so i didn' t used it for the pictures. The skirt is made of lots of double layered prim parts. So it moves very nicely.
emotionsdress in motion
Dress: EMO-tions : Minerva (499$)

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