Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Look of the day

Well here is my look of the day, with a very ethnic feel, it's something that I would wear in real life.My dear blogger friend Dagmar asked if I would like to do a 'look of the day' post. I think it is designed to share a bit about ourselves as bloggers ( although I could be totally off the mark here). Like Dagmar I also have a love of oriental/ethnic style clothes as they seem to love their bold prints and bright colours, and this lovely little dress on the lucky board at Awram Viie is no exception.

It's interesting how peoples opinions differ when it comes to SL, some like to express themselves in a way that they wouldn't be able to in real life , however I can't seem to do that I always pick clothes that reflect the real life me. For example I was drawn to this outfit for the colours , something which my real life wardrobe is full of because apparently i'm prediposed to being a 'winter', ...that's according to my friend who is a colour analyst and believes we all fit into certain 'colour types' that seem to fit the seasons of the year...odd you might think but when she told me what colours I subconciously are drawn to I found that she was quite correct, lucky guess maybe ....having seen the outfits I wear?

Dress: Free lucky board item > Awram viie
Shoes: L$5 gift ( lighter colour on group luckyboard ) > Ah Flou
Scarf: Was a limited colour group gift but a very similiar one same colour is a 'the next big thing"hunt prize > Zeery's
Hair L$280 > Boon
Leggings : Old group gift > Esora

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  1. Ha now i know what you wear in your private second life. When you hunt all those awesome freebies you find.