Thursday, April 28, 2011

Electro bunny

She was the ultimate weapon. Trained, deathly and supercute. Everybody who saw her supposed she would be one of those strange anime fans. They supposed she would be a cosplayers. Often people asked her where her ears would come from. She always pretended that it would be a secret she would not want to share so that her outfit would stay unique. And it was the truth her ears were a secret. They allowed her to recognize much more of the world than a normal human. The technique was new and even she had no clue how it worked but the ones who had transformed her into a killerbunny all knew that she behaved so well because of the implanted controll in the ears.
electro bunny
Blue blood made this cute dollie dress. It is available in several colours and could be worn also as lingerie. It comes with cute stockings. The skirt has an intresting cut. The top could also be worn without the bra and the sleves are sculpted and mod so its possible to make them smaller. The white gloves let the outfit look more elegant. The ears and headphones are from sian's future shop. The ones on the picture are the supercharged ones which are also included in the normal set.
Blue blood tahiti dress

+++BB+++ Tahiti WG BLUE (300 L$)
+++BB+++ Tahiti WG B&W (300 L$)
Fatpack with 5 Colours 750 L$ for members of the blue blood group - joining fee is 50 L$
Earphones: sian's retro sci-fi earphones set (150 L$)

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