Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I trust all of you that participate in the Easter festivities had a lovely time...I certainly did although father in his pre-op condition did not do any morris dancing, or wear anything  ridiculous on his head, but instead burnt  his navel on the bbq, which was entertainment enough for us!

I came back to my second life only to be overwhelmed with fabulous things to blog, how ever will I get up to date? well first things first! you simply must go out and stalk this luckyboard, how pretty is this dress? which to my mind has a little influence from the eighties in it. The glasses are pretty cool too as they have 8 colour choices & tintable lenses, you know how I love these changeable colour items! they're such great value for linden.

Which brings me on to this bench. I still haven't got around to finishing the seasons hunt but I was so thrilled when  i picked up this bench which is currently a hunt item. Ohh my how much do I  adore this pretty little bench ? it's so clever too! with it's changeable options and would suit any surroundings. So go grab all these while I'm preparing to blog some more splendid things! x

Hair: L$1 by W&Y @ > Mimi's choice
Dress & hairbow: L$0 luckyboard item > Y&R
Sunglasses:L$0 luckyboard item  >Munspain
Bench: L$0 the seasons hunt item > Lisp


  1. This bench is lovely I need to get it too. The picture you took is even more lovely.

  2. awww thanks Dagmar you're a sweetie x oh and yes!! get the bench everyone should have it :)