Friday, April 29, 2011

Vero Modero & much more

ribbon LB

I'm having a Vero Modero day Oh this store has some lovely items. I must start by saying that in my first 2 pictures, I have split what is actually one outfit, so the trousers on the first pic come in the same package as the top & bolero in the second pic. Hair! you know I have a penchant for it, well this particular one is a luckyboard item , however the hairs in store are a steal at only 80L so get down there and grabs wigs folks!

Hair: 0L group luckyboard item > SyDS
Top: 0L luckyboard > Ribbon
Trousers & Belt: 350L part of the shine set > Vero Modero
Shoes: 0L group luckyboard item > Ah Flou
Table: 0L seasons hunt item > Lisp


Hair & hat: 0L  gift > KMH
Vest & Bolero: 350L part of the shine set > Vero Modero
Shorts: 59L - lace pant - white > Awram Viie
Le warmers: 0L group gift > Salire
Shoes: 0L pink sneakers > Maschienenwerk


OMG I love this outfit! detailing of the top is great and the colours I love too, there is a green one too which is an unusual shade..HAIR! 30L and is one of my favourites to date! oh but the shoes oh how I love shoes, and if you love them as much as I do then J's has got to be one of your top priorities, they are simply amazing. This pair is divine they just look so great n your feet , particularly with the little prim toes, a serious amount of detailing has gone into these, and I love the fact that I can remove the prims that go round the leg for another different style shoe. Oh better just mention too , that these gorgeous shorts come with a prim  red cuff, but i chose not to wear then on this occasion.

Hair: 30L - unbirthday redux - kit kat  > Lamb
Shoes: 400L  - Real toe tassle wedge sandal - Beige > J's
Top:  New vega top > Vero Modero
Shorts: 1L Baggy shorts - denim > Norilicious
Earrings: 0L camping item > U&R dogs
Bracelets: 1L - Breeze - red > Phoenix rising


This hair I've been stalking for days on the luckyboard at kmh, and so I've roped in so many people to help me that just about everyone in SL must now have It  (thank you lovelies xx) but I knew I wanted It to go with this dress. I can't help but adore this dress look at the detail!! oh and the colour! oh which brings me onto the shoes! again. Now I know I've blogged these shoes so many times but I can't stress enough that they're going to be one of the best things you'll ever buy in SL, seriously they go with everything, with the colour change script with 112 options you're never going to be stuck with an outfit with no shoes to match, plus group members get a 50% discount every Friday so in effect you're getting 112 pairs of shoes for 75L ....crazy!

Hair: 0L  luckyboard > KMH
Dress: 600L -  Rome - Vero Modero
Shoes: 149L -  Andromeda heels > Skifija
Jewelry: 0L - Bunnies revenge ( box on the sofa) > Ganked

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