Friday, April 29, 2011

Many in one

Its spring nearly summer so its time to wear sneakers again. But sometimes its boring just to have only black ones which go with every kind of outfit. So with the technology of second life it is possible to have many sneakers in different designs and just to have of pair in the closet. The shoes come with a script which offers many options. It is possible to choose between 12 patterns for the side and to tint the parts of the choose in any way which is wished. The hud includes of course also a resize script for the shoes. It is great how many options those shoes have. It is possible to make them fit to nearly every outfit (maybe not to an elgant gown) because of the uncountable options the hud offers. Here a pictures of four possible looks of the shoes.
bedlam sneaker
Sneaker: [BedlaM] OZSTARZ Retro B2 (L$349)

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