Sunday, May 15, 2011

On a Vintage theme


After the vintage swimsuit from 22769 that I blogged, I decided to keep on with the vintage theme and so this new dress from Vero Modero fits is perfect. Lace is so classic and the detailing of it is great!It comes with a couple of options  with the skirt & also has has a belt so that you can change the look of it slightly to your preference. When I tried on the dress I had no hesitation as to what I would wear on my feet, My lace ankle boots from Skifija look like they were made for this dress! and what better place to visit on my vintage theme than Paris 1900 I adore that sim, if you haven't been please do, I love the detailing . I have visited it hundreds of times now and always see something new each time I go.

Hair: 30L  - Unbirthday redux _ kit kat > Lamb
Dress: 600L - Lacey dress > Vero Modero
Boots: 149L - Absinth  ankle boot v.04 > Skifija

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