Friday, May 20, 2011

[squeaky red]

As someone who actually has a 'latex'-folder with many subcategories in their inventory, I couldn't help but to snatch up this purdy huntgift of squeaky red goodness that is +DV8+'s contribution to the Dark Future hunt. You receive both outfits shown in the picture in one single hunt item, so there is no extra search to find a hot club-outfit for your boy- or girl-alt in addition.

[squeaky red]

The male item, Reznik (in firebrick) consists of shirt and pants, whereas the female prize, Merciless (in blood), features a futuristic looking bodice with shoulderpads, stockings and gloves. I'm always amazed how well +DV8+ manages to pull the latex look off, so this outfit will surely become one of my favourites in my Saturday-night-party wardrobe.

On Storm:
Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Shaved (currently there is a 50%-off sale in store!)
Hair: +BM+ - Mohawk_H043_Black (free)
Eyes: negaposi - Lunar EYES - Eclipse
Beard: -dD- Beards - Rodrigo
Eyeshadow: A:S:S - Drama shadow - Ruby
Nailpolish: A:S:S - Nailpolish - Jet black

Outfit: +DV8+ - Reznik - Fire Brick (Dark Future Hunt Gift for Guys)
Cuffs: [ h ] - Cuffs - Metal Ring 2.0 - Black
Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer - Cubico (free)
Boots: New Rock - Neptune Black Boots

On Raven:
Skin: - Glam Affair - Castalia Vampire skin B (previous TDR-item)
Hair: *C + C* - Apnea
Eyes: {nestle my bosom} - Tunnel eyes
Lipstick: :GP: - Pout-Lips 3 (previous gift)

Outfit: +DV8+ - Merciless - Blood (Dark Future Hunt Gift for Girls)
Boots: +DV8+ - Eliminator Boot 2.0 - Blood


  1. Fabulous post luffly <3 (i don't know why but i never think of that as a love heart but an ice cream cone, would you accept this ice cream cone?)

  2. An ice cream cone is fine for me as well, and thanks for your kind words, Fauna! <3