Monday, May 16, 2011

Dressed for the beach

Spending a day at the beach. And of course wearing a bikini. But the sunblocker was a bit old so it turned out into strange patterns because of being a bit glue like.
The skate'n surf hunt started at saturday and the gifts in it are great. Fauna showed allready many of them and looked just great in the outfits. So here a bikini I love. It comes from Apricot Paws. The stripes i described as sunblocker are from enlil. They are tintable so you could simply use them as body paint. The wristlet is a hunt gift was well. The colours fit well to the water theme. It is the gift at Frippery. Even the pose is a huntgift. It was created by Suri the owner of SocialAngtz a very cool posestore.
Blue and white stripes

Bikini: Apricot Paws - Bow Bikini - Skate'N'Surf Blue (0 L$)
Tattoo: ~Enlil~ Huntitem for SSH (0 L$)
Wristlet: Frippery~Waves (0 L$)
Pose: Surf & Skate Hunt - [socialANGtz] *poses by Suri. (0 L$)

There is of course a huntgroup you could join. And the List with the Stores and SL-URLs.

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