Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black Eric

They called him Eric the black. Not because of his hair. He tinted it regularly and nobody had a clue which colour it normaly had. Eric got his name because he was one of the bravest surfers in the area. His face normaly told a story about this.
free guys skin
He went surfing when all his friends stayed at home. He was the one who even was on the water when it was clear that a thunderstorm would start in the next ten minutes but he loved it. He enjoyed the challenge very much.
But to surf so much really made a difference. So it was him who won all contests. And he was the one who became a famous designer of surf clothing and surfboards after his carrer as surfer. They all had supposed that he would be insane but he only was crazy enough to be really good in everything he did.
Surferguy 1
Quite often new second life residents cross my way and it is often tricky for me to help the male ones to dress up so that they look less like a newbie. I do not really have a clue about free items for guys so I started a challenge on flickr with the title "Switch your gender for 0 Linden". The task is to create an avatar of the gender you normaly not use in second life without paying a linden for it. I have to admit I failed because I used eyes from Sterling artistry eyes which are 50 Linden and this version of the avatar is barefoot which is also not really perfect so I need to try it again. But its a start I guess.
When visiting the skin and shape expo 2011 I picked up the gift shapes from moonlight shapes. There was a male shape in the gift which has the name Carl. The skin is a gift from sacred. To get it you need to take part in a enquiry. Its a really great skin and I love the wounds it has.
The hair is a combination of a hairtattoo from white widow in the skate'n surf hunt and hair from blackmaria, a cool japanese store which has lots of free punk hair. The clothing also comes from the skate'n surf hunt. The top is the gift from Orquidea and the shorts the male gift from apricot paws.

Shape: ~MS~ Carl Shape (0 L$ gift at the Skin and Shape Expo 2011 ends at the 20th)
Skin: *Sacred* free skin (0 L$)
Shirt: ORQUIDEA surf shirt MALE (0 L$)
Shorts: AP - Echo Shorts - SNS Blue Blast Dark (0 L$)
Hairtattoo: [White~Widow] Skate 'N Surf Gift (0 L$)
Hair: +BM+ RIUS Black (0 L$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa_ForestElfEyes_CelinFerns (50 L$, there are some free eyes in the store)

Windsurfingpose: Sterling Artistry Boutique : sa poses Windsurf 5pack (SNS hunt gift) (0 L$)
Surfboard: Magnifique Poses : *MP* Guys Surfboard Pose Prop (SNS hunt gift) (0 L$)

Although I made by mistake a 50 Linden avatar and not a 0 Linden avatar I had a lot of fun. It would be great if more would join the fun. There is a flickr group to share all the created avatars. This will be a great resource if a newbie who needs help crosses your way.

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