Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Black and White

Isobel enjoyed the walks on the ice she had in the night. It was the time she used to explore her realm. Normaly she did not walk far away from the palace.
Princess in Ice
People always seemed to be so irritated by her lack of clothing. Isoble was more embarrassed about the two colours of her hair. She tried to die it to make it either completly white or black but since a magic experiment which went wrong it wasn t possible to change the colour of her hair anymore. It stayed black in white. Of course she was really annoyed about this and this now for nearly 300 years.
Princess in Ice II
Wishbox has new items on their lucky chair and their midnight mania. Both are wonderful dresses which are great for roleplay.The textures are very well done and of course the cut is lovely. The dresses are great for roleplay. They fit well to elves and other magical creatures. The blue one comes also with a short skirt so might be perfect for fairies as well. It was possible to adjust the primparts of both dresses to make them fit. Wishbox sells really pretty dresses and its worth to visit the store for more than the midnight mania and the lucky chair. Both winable dresses are really awesome and great to get an idea about the quality of the dresses which are sold in this store.
I really love the Ryoko Hair from Wasabi Pills so I wanted to show the inbuilt tinting possibility of it. On the pictures is the hair in midnight while one side is tinted in iceberg. This is a great option for unique looks and of course for roleplayers. There could happen so many things which make the hair look partly different. Pixies and Fairies which put their dust on you, explosions, being shocked by naked trees and so on.

1st Picture: [Wishbox] Harvest II Gown (0 L$ Luckychair)
2nd Picture: [Wishbox] Enchantment (Midnight Blue) (0 L$ Midnight Mania)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)

The pictures have been taken at Elonia the poses come from { Just A Pose }

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