Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Your inner bunny


How to keep up with all these hunts! wow so many to choose from. I'm currently picking my way through the 'your inner bunny hunt' and here are a few from some of my favorite designers. let me start with the hair which comes with the cutesy bunny ears from Sugarsmack, it comes in 2 shades a blonde & brunette.

 Next the outfit from 22769 Love everything about this one! OH the shorts! I really love the turn ups - I know it's an odd thing to adore but I usually have problems with turn ups either I have to attach prims to a different body part so that I can wear my footwear & they end up floating off when I walk or I have to faff around resizing but these are perfect & I love the cute sexy backless top too. There also as always with 22769 a male version in the hunt gift, see these guys are just sooooo thoughtful.

Then onto the skin, when I saw that Al Vulo where taking part in the hunt I made that store a priority as I absolutely love the tone of the make ups and this one has a quirky little tribal theme , ok so it might look a little like I have a goaty beard so let me provide a closer image ;P (see below)

 I also wanted to quickly mention the sneakers I picked these up at last weeks fifty linden Friday event and always hyperventilate when I see that Miel are taking part in the event - sorry if you missed out but they are well worth their full price value. They have a colour change script & you can change every single element of the shoe, even the logo on the side from a picture to your initials, I can see me wearing these forever!

 The bunny hunt items are 1L each bargain! please look Here for a list of hints &  landmarks of participating stores.


Hair & bunny ears: 1L - your inner bunny hunt item > Sugarsmack
Skin:1L - your inner bunny hunt item > Al Vulo
Outfit: 1L - your inner bunny hunt item > 22769
Belt: 0L - luckyboard item > Muu workshop
Shoes: 525L - Varsity kicks - natural > Miel
Necklace: 50L - I heart owls necklace > {birdy}
Eyes: 50L - Homesick eyes - prague > Visions by A.S.S

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