Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Waiting in the garden

She hadn't planed to wait. But she had supposed that she would have to. At least the garden where they let her wait looked nicely. She avoided to touch any of the flowers. It was always strange when she went to her boyfriend to pick him up to go out. His parents were so odd. She did not know if they supposed that she would try to take advantage of him or if they simply did not like her. The truth was way different. Keith her boyfriend was an alien. He had some problems to make sure to look always the same when meeting her. So he and his parents needed ages to compare a picture they took of him and her with his current look. Sometimes he needed to change his haircolour back to brown after his hair did become green after he tried to communicate with some grass, at other days his lips were brown as he had spend time with kissing trees. She would not have cared as she really liked him. But the aliens supposed that humans might be a bit shallow.
22769 gallery giftshop
22769 takes again part at the gallery giftshop event. Its a mix of a gallery and a shop. So that you could see some amazing art and buy great clothes at the same time. For this cycle of the gallery gift shop 22769 created an outfit for guys and one for girls which go well together. On the picture you could see the outfit for females. Its a short skirt with several layers and a short cape with fitting top. It is possible to adjust and mod the primparts. I like the cape with the houndstooth pattern very much. It goes well with other outfits as well for example the top and the cape also look great with simple elegant trousers. It also could be used to make a casual outfit a bit more elegant.

Outfit: 22769 ~ [femme] Gallery Gift Shop 15th August 2011 (150 L$)

The used pose comes from No Strings Attached and the picture has been taken at Japan Project Garden.

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