Monday, August 15, 2011


Here I am representing four variations of four items being, the skin, eyes, tops & headband. The skin which has to be a firm favorite of mine at the moment is Vero Modero's Burch skin, I love the detail as with all Vero Modero items but particularly it has a lovely sheen without looking too oily. I love the luscious pink glossy lips which remains the same in all the 9 variations of skin as does the skin tone, only the eyeshadows vary and all of them are tastefully vibrant colours. What I also adore about this skin is that it has a whole lot of lashes!

Birdy is fast becoming one of my favorite stores of the moment too & currently instore is a whole wall of  these tops. I am wearing just one of the styles of the sculpt tops but showing all four of the different textures, there are other slightly different styles so for example there is a style a bit more ruffle around the top yet doesn't lose the essence of the style - great to have so much choice. Have fun choosing!

Hair: 0L -  1st anniversary gift - onyx > D!va
Top: 75L - Sculpt top v2 > {birdy}
Headband: 0L- gift > Beatnik
Skin: 500L each - Burch skin > Vero Modero

Top left: 0L - gift > I.D ( insufferable dastard)
Top right: 0L - gift - forest cat > Poetic colours
Bottom left: 200L -  Old moss > Poetic colours
Bottom right: 65L - Mystery eyes - enigmatic gray > Sterling artistry

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