Sunday, October 9, 2011

[colourful quickie]

[colourful quickie]

Something colourful and squeaky while the sun is hiding most of the time these days! I found this multicoloured hairstyle from *BC322 at the Marketplace, where you can snatch it up for merely 1 L$, and it goes pretty well with the rainbow-shaded braces from ::Squeek!" that you can find at the fabulous 4.44.444 event which runs until Oct, 14th. There is a total of 9 different shades included in the pack and also an additional, subtle smiling-attachment so you can show your shiny new braces off well!

As for the double v-necks, they are A:S:S's contribution to the La Venta Eventa event and will be available in store afterwards. If you don't play Glitch, you might be a bit lost when it comes to the prints, even though I consider them funny even without the background knowledge. There is 8 different prints available each for the gals and boys, so make sure to pick your favourites (and join the game!). I'm off to stroke my sprouts now.

Hair: *BC322 - Rainbow cotton Blue
Braces: ::Squeek!:: - Braces
V-Necks: A:S:S - Glitchy Tee's

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