Monday, October 10, 2011

Homes with heart

Something really horrible must have happened in the hospital. Sira was able to feel the fear of the building through her pawpads. Not that she cared. Fear was something others had she only felt the echos of emotions. But she was really good in this. She had been hired by the union against supernatural attacks (UASA) around 200 years ago and spend her life with investigating incidents. Usually those incidents included a lot of dead humans.
Redhead I
Today she had to examine an old hospital. The walls looked like they had been coloured with blood instead of wall paint. The pattern was intresting like somebody would have wanted to set some bloody spotlights. Sira had been surprised when she recognized that the lights still worked. But she had to laugh when they started to flickr. Ghosts were never really creative in finding new ways to scare people. Her eyes widened when she saw in a moment of darkness the blood float over one of the walls. There was something which was way older and powerful than the ghosts.
Redhead II
Within some seconds she got rid of all her clothing. She would need all of her skin to figure out what exactly was going on. The black flames seemed to move over her body while she crept on her toes through the building. From time to time she touched a wall. They were soaked in fear and in pain. Sira knew that as long as her body was covered in black flames she wouldn t be in danger but her senses were strained in concentration. Finally she found what she was searching. A human would have seen smoke raising from her hand and disappearing in a wall while she pushed her hand into the building closing her fingers around the little thing in it. The house had a heart. Sira parted her red lips and took a bite. Food always helped to solve problems.
Redhead III
It was not possible to resist the white coat and the fitting trousers from trap. The patterns on both are just too awesome. The jacket has a texture which lets it look like it would have a braid in the middle of the whole backside. In the front it looks like there would be some inlaid work made out of cloth. Similar patterns have been used for the trousers. Those have flares which are closed with straps on the side. The coat and the trousers are available in several colours and contain primparts for males and females. The red hair comes from red mint. It has a soft bun at the side so that the hair fall over the shoulder. Its possible to resize the hair until it also fits small avatars and some of the streaks are flexi which lets it look great when the avatar moves. The black tattoo is available at Fallen Gods Inc. it looks like lines covering the whole body. The tattoo is tintable to it is possible to adjust it in a way which fits optimal to the skin. In the pack are allready several versions of it and it is included in versions for males and ones for females. The pose on the 1st and the 3rd picture come from Purple Poses. The one on the 2nd picture comes from Captivitiy.

Hair: (red)Mint ~ Hair No.09 (F) ( r e d s ) (350 L$ for pack with 3 tones or 2700 for the fatpack)
Tattoo: +Fallen Gods Inc.+ CATACLYSM (550 L$)
Coat: [][]Trap[][] Spiked Coat White (300 L$)
Trousers: [][]Trap[][] Spiked Pants White (200 L$)

1st & 3rd: Purple Poses : 371 & 344 (10 L$ for one pose)
2nd: [Captivity Co] Imani set (60 L$ for one pose)

The pictures have been taken at Siden.

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