Tuesday, October 11, 2011

[murnau's creature]

[murnau's creature]

"Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau... whatcha sayin'? Ya dun know him? Ye-ah, then you're possibly one of those sparkling, baby-makin' wannabees who's neva heard 'bout Ma'am Rice or The Symphony of Horror, eh? Let me do away with sum... misapprehensions, now thatche tied up and havin' lots of time to listen to me anyway: there is no thing such as sparkling vampires, ma friend, all that's left of us once we step into da sunlight's either a puddle of gooey flesh or a fuckin' pile of stinking ashes... and yer not really into hot smexing when yer thang's deader than dead either. Blood's whatche desire and are cravin' for... what we are craving for... and we dun really care how we're getting it either. Like rabid animals the hunger's drivin' us, and over da centuries, we care less and less 'bout your stupid human affairs, ethics and morals and... sorrows.
But enough of da lesson now, too many words wasted on stupid people always make me far too hungry..."

Halloween is just around the corner, and many of us use this time to dress up and put together more extraordinary outfits and costumes. I've decided on a more classical vampire look tonight, the Nosferatu himself, you might say, first depictured with those claw-like hands, the pointy ears and showing fangs in Murnau's brilliant vampire movie from 1922. Ears and fangs are from Schadenfreude, while the stunning claws come from [ni.Ju] and are a real bargain, available at the 4.44.444-event that celebrates Free*Style's 4th birthday (until October, 14th). They come entirely in white, or white with black tips, and in several hand sizes for your convenience, and if you fancy a black version, you can find it in the mainstore. My pants, though hardly to be seen in the pic, are the gorgeous new release from Lapointe & Bastchild Designs, that comes in a plain, black leather version (biker style) or in a variety of colourful horror prints.

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Vincent Blood Thirst
Ears: Schadenfreude - Mer-elf Ears
Eyes: REPULSE - Inferno Eyes
Fangs: Schadenfreude - Fangs 1: Longer & Narrower
Claws: [ni.Ju]- White Claws (at 4.44.444)
Pants: .:L&B:. - S'Wear "Biker" mens leather pants
Clawmarks: REPULSE - Lacerated Full Body Tattoo

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