Saturday, November 5, 2011

Countess of cozy


Countess pumps are the new release at Skifija and are a luscious pair of Louboutin style skyscraper heeled court shoes. As always with shoes from Skifija they come with a hud which enables you to pick any colour of rainbow for every part of the shoe. Goran has worked hard to simplify the hud and is so passionate about his creations that he is in the process of making a tutorial to show you how to operate the hud and utilise all it's options.

 It is a one man mission that he has to help the lazy amongst us (hands up that will be me) make one pair of shoes become countless possibilities. I'm sure there are many of us out there that get so entirely frustrated at trying to match the colour of our skin to seamlessly blend with our shoes that we just give it up as a bad job and avoid sculpty shoes like the plague! if that is you then buy a pair of shoes from Skifija and reignite your passion for shoes! Goran will always be more than happy to help if you're struggling with the hud (psssst don't forget group members get 50% discount on Fridays!)

Hair: 400L - miame hair comes with colour change script of 26 colours > Tokyo girl
Skin: 900L -  Candy - natural pale > **Shine**
Hairbow: 140L - Vintage headband (5 colours) > Needful things
Shirt: 0L - Group gift > C'est moi
Shoes: 199L - Countess pumps > Skifija
Sofa: 100L - Cozy sofa > Cleo Design (when I published this post the sofa was only available instore in a lush teal colour but lovely designer Cleom Bailey may well be putting the red one out again soon)

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