Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zombie Strippers

It had been the fairies who managed that all creatures got equal rights. They had felt discriminated by the other kins and unfortunatly they found an advocate who thought that it would be entertaining to help them. The lawyers were the only race which really liked the results of the no discrimination against any race act. They had more work than ever. Now it was possible that fairies could work as butchers and some trolls managed to get into the ballet as dancers (the stage broke under their weight and they found a giant treasure under it). Mister Smith was quite glad that no trolls applied to work as strippers but then there were the zombies.
Stripper Zombies IV
When they aplied he did not know what to say. Of course they had really good shapes but their skin wasn't that good. But unfortunatly bad skin and many wounds belonged to the typical looks of zombies so he could not use that as reason not to hire them. It was the same with their moves. So he had to hire them. First he tried only to pay them so that they would not dance but one of the lawyers found out about it and forced him to let them dance. Those lawyers really were not able not to stick their nose into everything. Now he let the zombies dance in the afternoon. After that the club normaly needed to be cleaned they never managed to understand that they were allowed to throw their clothes away and not their limbs.
Stripper Zombies V
The fortune teller found his way back to Fallen Gods Inc. and brought Zombie skins. The pack contains a version for guys and two for females (with superboobs and with normal ones). The set also contains stripper bikinis in a male and a female version. But those also can be won in several colours at the fallen gods Lucky chair. The ones from the lucky chair are no copy but trans so its possible to give the ones you win twice to friends or to give the male ones to your boyfriend or the female ones to your girlfriend and so on. Those stripper clothes work of course with normal skins too.
The boots come from death row design. The hair he wears is sold at Madesigns. The hair on her is one of the latest releases from Wasabi Pills. The colour of the spikes and the hairband can be changed and of course the hair has a resizescript.
By the way its always nice to spend time at the Fallen Gods fortune teller. The people there are very funny and nice and if there is nobody its enough to ask for help in the groupchat. Then normaly people come around and help.

On Storm:
Skin: HAPPYZOMBIESTRIPPER xxy +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Halloween 2011 (0 L$ Lucky fortune teller)
Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ REBEL ~ Maddox duPont (300 L$ for colour pack or 1500 for the fatpack)
Eyes: METEOR P44RTA +Fallen Gods Inc.+ EYES + (previous hunt item)
Thong: Pink Glitter Thong, boy +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Halloween 2011 (0 L$ Lucky chair)
Boots: death row designs : - bootslazyregblue (190 L$)

On Dagmar:
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Miu Hair – (1500 L$ fatpack 250 L$ colour pack)
Bikini : Pink Glitter Bikini, girl +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Halloween 2011 (0 L$ Lucky chair)
Boots: death row designs : - bootslazyregblue (190 L$)

The poses for the pictures are the Brains! ones from *Magnifique Poses* and previous huntgifts from (p4p), a posestore which seems to have been closed.


  1. haha cool idea - thanks guys for featuring KMADD hair

  2. Toooo funny... !! :-D

  3. I laughed so much... Equal Opportunities lawsuits among fairies and trolls... it's a great story, and a great post! :) :) :)

  4. I just saw all the comments thank you so much. Im always happy when people like the stories. <3