Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wrong Mermaids

The waves stroked her feet while she wandered over the water. It was typical for her kin to wander over the water. All of them were great swimmers and even able to fly when they were in their true form. But of course it was more fun to surprise sailing humans. When she was younger she sometimes had pretended to be a mermaid with a lack in singing abilities but after a while it bored her. So she started to climb onto anchoring ships. Of course humans were always a bit irritated by her horns and ears but they always supposed that they were kind of decoration and of course they were sure that she somehow had managed to get into the ship before they started sailing and not that she found them in the middle of the ocean. Depending on the age and the gender of the sailors she started to tell them stories. For example that she would be the secret daughter of one of them. When she found sailing couples she normaly pretended to be the secret lover of the woman. It was always entertaining and she did not need to sing to have some fun with humans.
Draconismaris III
Evie's Closet is a great store when it comes to fantasy outfits for females. Their items range from fairy dresses over gowns for humans to mermaid outfits. This nymph dress is in-between. It consists of primparts which seem to be made of a very thin fabric and of a scale layer for the bottom and the top. It also can be worn without the systemlayer for the top but then it is not possible to wear the outfit on a pg sim. Included in the set are also a gem for the forehead and armpieces which have been made of pearls. The top was first too big for my avatar but the creator recommended to put a resize script into it, which helped and so it was possible to make it fit at the end. Evie's Closet has a 50% sale going on at the moment so its worth to visit the store and to have a look at all the fantastic dresses.
The long hair comes from Magika. It consists of two parts which makes it possible to wear it even with a rather bouncy ao. The set also contains a mirrored version and it is possible to dye the streak at the side in a different colour than the rest of the hair. The resizescript which is being controlled with a hud resizes both parts of the hair at the same time. That means its very easy to adjust the hair to the avatar.
The ears come from the Plastik. They have a bunch of tiny keys hanging of them.

Dress: *Evie's Closet* Lumina Nymph *Aqua* (187 L$ 50% reduced at the moment)
Ears: :[Plastik]:-Secret Garden Ears- Golden (299 L$)
Hair: Magika // Veruka II (199L$ for colour pack or 499 L$ for all colours)

Picture taken at Risk City with poses from Purple Poses.

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