Sunday, November 6, 2011

Terror Frogs

The weather was perfect, the guests would arrive soon and her hair was as she wanted it. But suddenly Elise heared a frog. This was one of the worst things which could happen. A jazz concert with the constant croaking of a frog would be really annoying. First she tried to spot it in the water. But there were only fish in the water. The croaking seemed to come from an other corner. She allready started to nestle nervously at her necklace. The frog would ruin the whole concert if she would not find it soon and she had put so much work into the organisation of the event, but had not supposed that a frog could ruin her plans. Elise searched and searched finally she decided to take her glasses out of her clutch maybe she would find the frog with its help. She did not find her glasses in her clutch but a frog.
Eboni face III
Eboni is the latest skin release from ND/MD. It is available in four skintones with four makeups in each of the skintones. The sets also contain tattoo and underwearlayers for the cleavage or pubic hair. There are also several shapes available which fit to the skin. This is the skin in natural. Moonlay one of the two designers and owners of ND/MD painted the skin nearly completly. Only for some parts of the face he used textures from a picture. The quality of the skin is amazing. Its possible to use it for many different looks it only depends on the hair and the other accessories which are being used. I decided to create a classical look. For that I choosed the shimmy dress in red from Icing. As accessory I choosed a necklace from Icing too. Its a simple pearlnecklace which fits to many dresses. The clutch belongs to an other dress from the same store.
Eboni skin shape and icing dress
Skin: ND/MD EBONI natural Skins natural (990 L$ for one makeup or 1999 L$ for four)
Shape: ND/MD EBONI Shapes (640 L$)
Eyes: ND/MD Mooneye-NAOMI (50 L$)
Dress: *ICING* Shimmy - Red (250 L$ or 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
Necklace: *ICING* Princess Pearl Set (195 L$)
Purse: *ICING* Hearts Desire Clutch Purse (belongs to a dress for 295 L$)
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * FABIENNE * black (245 L$ for one colour or 990L$ for the fatpack)

Poses: Purple Poses (10 L$ for one pose)

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