Friday, November 11, 2011

[on the way towards stage]

[on his way towards stage]

Adrenaline was seeping from his body just like the first hint of anticipating sweat, bemusing his surroundings with the thick, musky perfume of his tension while his heartbeat increased to a level not even their drummer in one of his brilliant solos could reach. He could feel them, those subtle, yet electrifying vibrations of desire from the crowd, radiating through steel and concrete, letting his baby hair raise stand on end. They wanted him. They needed him. And they were loving him, too - eager to get a shot of the drug that was his mesmerizing voice. He paused in his track and looked up towards the ceiling, his words speaking of admiration and wonder. "Can you hear them shouting?" Catching the guitarist's grin from the corner of his eyes, he shivered as the hoarse voice reached his ears. "They're shoutin' for you, man - just for you..."

[on his way towards stage]

Lately, I never manage to resist whatever gorgeous hairstyle lamb! puts out at Collabor88, and so I found myself leaving with two of the color-packs once again. As you can see, the style called 'Phenomena' is definitely unisex - it comes with matching hairbases, but I'm using another since I didn't want to go for the totally shaven look in these pictures. The pants have been a lucky find for me, too: I really love wearing knee-high (combat) boots, but the usual pants either make your legs look like a stork, or they're hiding most of the shoe with their cuffs. These cargo pants from RONSEM, however, have two different styles of cuffs, one to show your shiny boots off and other, regular one, for those days when you haven't polished them nicely. Said footwear are the rather classic looking combat boots from Abyss which I'm still loving hard because of their stunning textures.
And now - rock on, people!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Zero Halloween Gift (no longer available)
Hair: !lamb. - Phenomena (at Collabor88)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - classic - surf grass
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: - Venom
Beard I: *Valiant & Sacred* - 2.0 Chin Strap v1
Beard II: -dD- Beards - Rodrigo

Armbands: .:Hermony:. - Studded Wristband Black
Armwraps: SiniStyle - Taped Fist & Black Nails
Pants: RONSEM* - Cargo Pants / black
Boots: TheAbyss - NAU Combat Boots
Belt: Rawdolls - Juxtabelt~B

Posing Guitar prop: ::: Libber : - SHOULDER GUITAR (previous Lucky Board prize)
Pose (in Picture II): Miamai - Model_Pose_ Renaissance Set


  1. I love those pictures. What a great look and everything. And neat story. The perfect drug.

  2. Thank you, Dagmar! <3 And indeed, the perfect drug :)