Friday, November 11, 2011

Black swan

The black swan caught Jade's attention when she was visiting her palace in the north of the golden empire. The empire has been reigned by her family for ages and it was planed that Jade would be the next queen. She was not really glad about this but was willing to bear the duties which would come with that title. As all future queens she was sent on a journey through the empire to get to know the different parts and to meet as many citizens as possible. It was very exhausting and Jade was angry at herself that she accepted to reign. But she knew that somebody had to and did not want that somebody would gain the power who would not care about the empire. So she finally got to the last corner of the empire and during an event where she had to meet many of the local notabilities she saw the swan. Jade followed the animal into the forest and was stunned. She never had been alone in a forest and this was a lost one. People said she had only been a few minutes in the forest but for Jade it was like hours. Her trip to nature changed her a lot and when she finally became queen she took care very well of the lands and a black swan was her heraldic animal.
A walk in the lost forest
Icing takes part in the Vintage Fair and created a set of wonderful dresses because of that. This is the pink version of the dress. It comes with a fitting hat with veil. The primparts are mod and its possible to make the skirt smaller, which means it also fits small avatars. The systemparts of the dress come on all layers. There is also an alphalayer included which hides some parts between the thights and the hips so that the butt can not poke through the skirt.
The pose is a new release from juxtapose. They are still available at their store at Jersey Shore for 50 L$

Dress: *ICING* Just Swing - Pink (275 L$ will be sold at the Vintage Fair)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Dianthus :: Blush (100 L$)
Hair: Magika [Hair] Break (250 L$ for one colour set)
Necklace: *ICING* Princess Pearl Set (195 L$)
Skin: ND/MD EBONI natural Skins natural (990 L$ for one makeup or 1999 L$ for four)

Pose: Juxtapose - Handy Dandy Poses (5 poses for 50 L$ at the moment but better hurry)

The picture was taken at Athan.

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