Thursday, November 10, 2011

Modeling in red boots

Evie wasn't rich enough to afford models to pose in her clothing. Luckily she was also not rich so she had to decide if she would buy cloth from her money or food and mostly she bought cloth. Which was not always healthy but good for her shape. So she was able to model the clothes she created. After a while she started to sell many of them. Which allowed her to buy more cloth and to create dresses which were even more stunning than the ones she had been making when she was broke.
Dollarbie body suit
Diapop and Somapop moved and has a nice dollarbie in their new store. Its a shirt and shorts in brown with a diamond pattern on it. The set comes with a fitting belt and its possible to mod the primparts to make the smaller. The new store of Diapop and Somapop reminds a bit on an empty factory building and is worth a visit.
Virtual/Insanity has a lot new items and the choker with the cross is one of them. The set includes two versions, one with a bigger cross and one with a smaller one. Those who do not want an inverted cross can modify the choker and just turn the cross around. There are also a fitting belt, fingernails and a legband avilable.
The red boots come from bax. They still have the wonderful service that they fit the boots in the store which is just so comfy and useful. Beside the great customer service the boots are of course awesome. Its possible to choose between four colours for the leather and several colours for the heel, sole and some more parts of the boots. Its possible to fold the boot-tops down (with several options for the texture inside of the boot-tops) or to hide the top part of the boots.
The skin is the Eboni Skin from ND/MD. I had to look how it would look on my normal shape and love the result. The hair comes from Magika. They have new colour sets now which contain a lot of colours at once.
The pose comes from Miamai. It belongs to a set which will be sold at the Vintage Fair which starts tomorrow. Its a great set of modeling poses.

Bodysuit: * [DIAPOP] * all by myself ::vintage brown:: (1 L$)
Choker: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] HEAVY CROSS Choker - Girl (175 L$)
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Red Leather (875 L$)
Hair: Magika [Hair] Break (250 L$ for one colour set)
Skin: ND/MD EBONI natural Skins natural (990 L$ for one makeup or 1999 L$ for four)
Pose: Miamai Model Pose Editorial (15 Poses for 600 L$ sold at the Vintage Fair)

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