Monday, April 30, 2012

be U-Neek at the Fantasy Faire

Thora relaxed, shifting her weight onto one hip as she soaked up the last rays of the desert sunset. She had worked long and hard, and deserved this little break. Her work was a thankless task, thankless depending on how you looked at it. From the perspective of most of the big people, her work was unnecessary, dangerous even. To most of the insects and small creatures, she was a villain, someone out to make their frantic lives harder. To the plants, she was a saviour, and she did her work well.


Thora's job you see, was to place the thorns on the stems of plants, the spines on pads of cacti. She did this all day, and worked long into the night, protecting the new shoots and leaves that worked their way up through the dry dusty earth of the deserts. Running her hands over form, her palms would prickle with new shards, little daggers she would press into the green limbs of the plants, providing them with their armour. Longer, twisting hair she plucked from her head, weaving it into some cacti to give the fluffy looking, yet dangerously tipped coating. The big people, the 'Walkers' would curse her, their skin snagged and bleeding from her work, the creatures would do likewise, as she made it more difficult for them to reach their goals. But all day, and all night, the plants would sing her praises, blooming into flower with more safety, the wafts of their scent hailing Thora, the keeper of desert roses.

It's the last day of the Fantasy Faire, and I'm late with this post -I blame work - but the items are well worth seeking out in the hours you have left!

Outfit : The U-Neek Thorn Bodysuits, 2 packs available, 5 colours in each. Donation item 100L
Hair : The U-Neek MANIC hair (Slate - from Mono colour pack) includes tintable shaved hairbase, also worn here. Donation item 100L
The U-Neek Spyro eyes
Nails : [Virtual/Insanity] : Kitty Galore Sharp Claws (Twisted Hunt item Spring 2012)
Skin : Group gift April 12 (r)M ~ (5rB) R A W ~ coldSKIN

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