Sunday, April 29, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Sun In The Cellar

What could she do, to fight the shadows? A Daughter of Flames, captured and locked away in the deep dark cellars under the Temple of the Black Dog? She could light some fire, of course... but how? Embers started rubbing her fingers together with anxiety. Now and then, she also scratched her scalp... anything was good, in order to reduce the stress and the feeling of shame. Captured she was, like a helpless baby, while her people had been fooling the Black Dogs for centuries.
Embers was still angrily rubbing her fingers together, when she suddenly noticed something was changing. Was the cellar becoming a bit lighter? Oh yes, she could see better now, but what was the source of the light? Embers touched her scalp again... then she stared at her hand in amazement. Her fingers were aflame and, as she discovered instantly, her hair was burning, too. “Well, I’m a true Daughter of Flames, after all...” – Embers thought and started looking for the tunnel that would lead her back to the surface.
Girl on Fire
A Medieval/Gorean fashion hunt led me to the shop of Pia Uladstron, “Dream Things”, for the first time. My initial thought was, “Ummmm, just another shop selling kirtles and silks”... then this idea swiftly changed when I started looking around. Pia has some dresses that only seem to be simple, and you soon discover how elaborate they actually are. The “Fabia” gown is an excellent example of all this, with the soft tumbling texture, the light bordure that reminds you of ancient mosaics, and the sash with two beautiful leaf-shaped pins. You find the “Dream Things” kiosk in the “Shifting Sands” sim, so please go and pay a visit before May 1st!
While taking the pictures for the wonderful Spyralle dress I congratulated the builder of Da Vinci Gardens, Felixx Shepherd, on the smashingly surreal environment he had created. He took the compliments with true modesty and he also gave me a LM to a nook of his realm that I hadn’t known before, The Royal Sands. It’s an apparently quiet Ancient Egyptian build, as long as you stay away from the temples! I won’t tell you any more, you go and investigate... and trust me, you’ll really need the torch offered at the entrance!

Outfit: Dream Things „Fabia” in Brown – RFL donation item (150 L$).
Bangles: Maxi Gossamer „Boho Bangles” in Mahogany and Silver – previous group gift currently available for sale (49 L$), and it’s free to join the group.
Hair: Frou-Frou „Mumm” in Auburn – Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th so you have a few hours more to grab the gifts.
Skin: Skinthesis “Mindi” Bronzed Goddess – the skin is not available any more but I recommend you consider the equally lovely and very similar “Dryad” skin in Orange (200 L$).
Tattoo: White WidowThe Runway Perfect Hunt 2 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th so you have a few hours more to grab the gifts.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry “Diversity Eyes” Heterogeneity – it’s a previous hunt gift now available for 65 L$, and the 6-pair pack is 260 L$.
Poses: Sterling Artistry “Emoting Hands” in the first picture (30 L$ for a single pose and 250 L$ for the 10-pose pack), Poseur „Seduction” in the second one (50 L$ for a single pose and 400 L$ for the 10-pose pack).
Wearable torch: you automatically receive it when you enter one of the Royal Sands Egyptian temples in the Da Vinci Gardens sim (0 L$).