Sunday, April 29, 2012


The only left of mankind was a rumor. But now and then archaeologists found runs which only could have been left by humans. It was normaly always a sensation when this happened. Although the buildings were way too big they were useful to grow dreammushrooms in them.  In their own houses the mushrooms never grew as big as they did in the ruins. There were different explantations for this. But the most common was that humans absorbed all the ideas around them so that the places were free of influence.mushroomgardener I  Most of the winged ones lived in high towers at the sea. And so did A'dhora de Falkenflügel. She was brave and pride like all the winged ones and beside this she was one of their future Queens. When flying home after hunting it happened to her that she got into a storm which blew her far into the land. Way further than anybody of her kin had ever went. The wind was so strong that she lost all her hunting equipment but the jewellry she always wore. It was the only sign of  noblesse she always kept and so she was quite happy that it was still with her. Not only because of its worth or its meaning but because of the dreammushroom seeds which had been used to build it. They would save her. Even more after she had found the ruin. mushroomgardener II After the storm had calmed down she started her work. Seed after seed was planted in the building. Then she went to sleep. It wasn't important that the storm had taken all her clothes. She was a winged one and the feathers on her body would keep her warm. The floor only lacked a bit of comfyness. But she knew that her moulting time would come soon so she could then use the old feathers as bed. Before the moulting she took care to collect enough berries and also to have enough water for the next time. It was her first moulting alone, the feeling of not being able to fly and at the same time the itching of the now growing feathers was quite unpleasant but at the same time she saw that the mushrooms grew very well. They were her hope and what would bring her back to her people at the end.  A'dhora didn't doubt at all. When the mushrooms would be ripe she would eat from one of the dreams which had grown inside of them and call her people. It was their way to communicate through distances. They would not let one of them without help and come to guide her back to the towers at the sea.
mushroomgardener III
The feathers are the Fallen Gods Inc. Fantasy Faire relase. Those skins are perfect for all kind of beings with feathers if it is a raven or a dove. As special for the Fantasy Faire there has been released a Petite version of the Dove Feathers in Translucent. Those will be only available at the fantasy faire, which ends at Monday. So its time to hurry and to get one of those wonderful avatars. They come with two versions of the head a royal one and a elves one. The body is included in a pg and a normal version - for the pictures the pg one has been used. And of course there are also versions of those bodies included with hooves cut which allows to wear them with birdlegs, hooves or other kind of things to walk on.
The mushrooms are an other donation item from the faire. They come from Cerridwen's Cauldron. This store is one of the most wonderful stores for landscaping items in second life. They sell plants and more for many different kinds of surroundings and all of them are very well made and beautiful. Its amazing how many versions are included in the pack. The mushrooms come in four sizes and each of them in six colours.  All of them pulse which makes them look more fantastic and the  object in their head looks like they would give birth to a star soon.
The jewellery comes from Frippery. Its a special version of the Petite Faerie Queene Jewellery. The set includes a circlet, a necklace and a bracelet. Its amazing how small the Frippery designer can build. The set is just pretty.
The wings belong to a set from Angelwing. They go so well with the dove petites and are just beautiful.

Avatar: PETITES female + Fallen Gods Inc. + DOVE Translucent (1000 L$ Relay for Life Donation Item only available at the Fantasy Faire)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Orion Petite Mesh Hair - (110 L$ for colour 500 L$ for fatpack)
Jewelry:  Frippery~ The Petite Faerie Queene - gold (350 L$ Relay for Life Donation Item only available at the Fantasy Faire)
Mushrooms: [Cerridwen's Cauldron] Beat Jelly Set (350 L$ Relay for Life Donation item Available at the Fantasy Faire)
Wings: **Angelwing** Petite Timeless Light (sold at the Petite Avatar Kingdom)
Pose: Miamai (Sold at the Pose Fair)
Background: Spessart - Skybox XII (149 L$ sold on the marketplace)

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