Sunday, April 29, 2012

Honey magician

If it would have been only about the sweetness honey wouldn't have been important for the fairies. They knew how to get sugar and some of them were amazing cooks. But honey was not only tasty it also could help with wounds. For a human it wouldn't have been a problem to get a swarm of bees but its a difference if an animal is as big as your fingernail or nearly as big as your head. It took a while until they found a way to tame bees. It was a brave fairy who found a hurt beequeen one day. She spent some time to heal the insect and they became friends. This was the first time when the fairies got honey without any danger. Later there were fairies which only cared about the bees. All the bee caretakers had a little wand which allowed them to communicate with the bees. They brushed their wings and helped them cleaning their legs. It was a great solution and at some day they even got the bees to carry them around. petite honey lover
Elvenbreath is a well known creator for fantasy clothes. With the petites they also started to create outfits for those. The Little Jeannie is one of those. Its a cute otufit coming with two kinds of trousers and a pretty scarf which is being worn around the hips. The set includes also wristlets.
The antlers from europa are made of unrigged mesh so its possible to make them a lot smaller. They are originally made for normal sized avatars. So when stretching down the horns make sure that the "stretch textures" box is checked in the build menu.
The staff belongs to a jewelry set from AZE, which has been created for Petites. The set includes also a pretty crown.
The wonderful furniture for petites in the background has been created by The Looking Glass. It includes a beehouse, furniture and decorations all in a sunflower style. The set is currently available at the fantasy faire. The Faire will end at Midnight SLT at monday so do not miss the chance to take a look at the sims before it closes.

Outfit: ~Elvenbreath~ Little Jeannie for petites Avas (350 L$ RFL donation item at the Fantasy Faire)
Horns: [europa] cernos antlers (150 L$ sold as Donation item for Relay for life at the Fantasy Faire
Staff: AZE *Petite* RFL Stargazer Lily Gold Amethyst Crown & Wand Set  (150 L$ RFL donation item at the Fantasy Faire)
Avatar: PETITES Royale + Fallen Gods Inc. (1500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Orion Petite Mesh Hair - (110 L$ for colour 500 L$ for fatpack)
House and Decorations: The Looking Glass - Petite Bee Hive House (400 L$ sold at the Fantasy Faire)

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