Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012 – A Splinter Of Amethyst

„Ugh!” – Splinter felt disgusted and itchy at the same time. A dress to wear… with wings! What an annoying situation! She was a Blue Steel Spook, after all. The traditional job of her kind was to stalk around in the pits and scare the hell out of those fools who wanted to find something valuable in the ancient mines. Those silly Gemstone Ghosts, on the other hand... Bleah, what a gang of softies! They flap around and whisper instructions to the scroungers, so they can find a rough diamond as big as a pigeon’s egg. A bunch of namby-pambies... who have captured her and forced her into becoming an Amethyst Ghost in order to redeem herself.
Wild Spyralle
Someone knocked on the door of her cell and she heard a chirpy voice. “Hurry up, please! An adventurer has just arrived, he is dreaming of a really big piece of amethyst, so it’s your turn to guide him! No kicking and no pushing, and you’re not allowed to call him a ‘blind idiot’, either! Whispers and fluttering wings only, you hear me?” Splinter didn’t even deign her of an answer. “No kicking, huh?” – she thought. “Then just watch him fall over his own leg... on a huge piece of amethyst, all right, but he will crash and ouch. Big time ouch.” Splinter left to perform her duty, with fluttering wings... and a broad wicked grin on her blue steel lips.
Masked Spyralle
Spyralle products by Kerryth Tarantal are based on a simple yet truly brilliant idea, one of those that make you smack your forehead and shout, “Why haven’t I ever thought of that?” Kerryth has imported fractals in SL, and she’s made a great job of it. It’s a pity Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry, has passed away in 2010... I’m quite certain he would have enjoyed these Spyralle creations quite much.
The fabulous “Rhapsody” gown is a RFL donation item at the Fantasy Faire that comes with a pair of small matching wings, yet I’ve decided to pair it with another donation item, the amazing “Rhapsody” fractal flappies... and if you really want to move in for the kill, wear the matching “Rhapsody” mask as well :).

I’ve shown you the “Beatrice” skin in soft pale Gold by De La Soul here, now it’s time for another tone, the greyish-blue Chrys. The tattoo pattern around the eyes is the same, yet the steely hue gives the skin a very different aura... brrrr, you feel a bit cold when you look at it.

You find Spyralle and De La Soul on the “Shifting Sands” sim here, and here.

Gown: Spyralle “Rhapsody Gown” – RFL donation item (400 L$).
Wings: Spyralle “Rhapsody Wings” – RFL donation item (80 L$).
Mask: Spyralle „Rhapsody Mask” – RFL donation item (80 L$).
Choker: GankeD “Royalty” – a former hunt gift not available any more.
Skin: De La Soul “Beatrice Ikon” in Chrys - RFL donation item (350 L$).
Eyes: De La Soul “Radiance” mesh eye in Violet – comes with the “Beatrice” skins (0 L$).
Hair: !lamb “Teased Up” Kinda Blueberry – freebie fatpack in the shop (0 L$).
Manicure: Sterling Artistry „Raindrops Dark” - it is a former monthly freebie not available any more, but you can buy the very similar „French Cloud” in the shop (10 L$).
Poses: HelaMiyo “Symmetry” – 50 L$ for one pose; the 5-pose pack is 200 L$.

The pictures were made at Da Vinci Gardens.

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