Friday, April 27, 2012

Lovely Pet

The neighbours tried from time to time to complain about the strange sounds, which were located on the balcony. It never helped. Hestor hadn't served for centuries in hell just to let humans ruin his retirement. He always had dreamed of spending time on a calm island after having finished the years of work he owed some demonlords. But also wanted to live close enough to humans to be able to corrupt one or two of them to his own pleasure. He had two choices either he would bring people to a calm island or he would bring an calm island to a town. Knowing his obsession for all kind of entertainment a town offered he prefered the second. Demon on the balcony So he somehow transported a part of an island onto the balcony of his flat. Luckily the walls were high enough so people were not able to see much of it. Unfortunatly he also brought a aligator egg with the rest of the island. And when the aligator hatched Hestor wasn't able to resist its cuteness. He had to keep him. So he decided to call the aligator Pinky and Pinky grew fast. Hestor was not worried about it. He had dealt with way bigger beasts and he loved his aligator as much as a demon was able to love. Hestor did his best to get meat for Pinky and even tried to teach her - he had found out that the Aligator was female - how to eat well mannered as he always dreamed about taking her out to dinner. But Pinky was not able to learn those things at all. She kept eating very very loud. Not that Hestor cared of course it would have been nice to go out with the aligator but there were other jolly things he could do without Pinky. Only the neighbours were a bit annoying as they complained about the sounds Pinky made while eating. But with the time Hestor had less and less neighbours. Demon on the balcony IIUrsula allready blogged many of the lovely things De la Soul released to the Fantasy Faire. This demon is a mix of some of their items. The Wings, Horns, Feet and shape belong to the purple demon set. This set also contains a skin and ears. The skin is one of the relay for life donation items from the same store. I really like the patterns around the eyes it has. The skin comes with fitting ears. The decorations in the background and the aligator come from 2xtremes. Its a great store for elegant furniture, skyboxes and wild animals. The aligator can be chained and has a great animation which looks like it would eat people when they sit on it. Besides this it makes all the time great munching sounds. 2xtremes has more animated animals and its worth to visit their mainstore to have a look at them. But the store takes also part in the fantasy faire.
The hair is the Telooh hair from Wasabi Pills. Its a really great mesh hair which is available for both genders. The poses come from purple poses which have a growing section of male poses.

Shape, wings, hooves, horns, clothes: De la Soul - Deamons - RFL Violent Male (1000 L$ Relay for Life Donation item at the Fantay Faire)
Skin:  De la Soul - FF 2012  - Beaux IKON - Chrys (350 L$ Relay for Life Donation item at the Fantay Faire)
 Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh MALE Mesh Hair - (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack sold at the Fantasy Faire)

Crocodile: :: 2Xtreme :: man eating gator box (725 L$ sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Skybox: :: 2Xtreme ::  Skybox New York box v5.0

Pose: Purple Poses

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