Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tickling Fish

The jungle was deep and the dragon was happy. It was alone. So it could spend time with the things it loved. At some days it told itself stories. On others it used its tail to catch fish. After tickling them gently with a scale it threw them back into the water. It liked catching but eating fish was something never got into its mind. After all it prefered eating flowers. And there were enough of it. So it ate flowers and pestered fish. Of course the fish knew what would happen to them after being caught by the dragon. They even did their best to be caught. The first had been shocked when being pulled out of the water with a quick move of the Dragon's tail but the tickling was quite enjoy able for them. Dragons can become very old so although it was very small this forest dragon was ancient and it lived for ages in the forest. Tickling generations of fish. Wonderful hatchling Its the fifth day of the Fantasy Faire and still there are so many things to explore. This year Isle of Wyrms take part in the faire. Isle of Wyrms is not only a simchain which is the home of many dragons there are also Dragonavatars being sold. The one on the picture is the spirit hatchling avatar - a hatchling is a small dragon which has just hatched. Although the definition of just of a Dragon might be a bit different to how a human might describe the same. The avatars from Isle of Wyrms come all with a hud which allows to tint and to choose different textures for the avatar. This one has been turned into a little glowing silver dragon. The hatchling avatars are tinies that means they work also with the tinymatic hud or the tiny couple animator. But Isle of Wyrms also sell very big dragons and at four times in the year its possible to get an adult dragon. Isle of Wyrms is one of the stores which make and sell tiny stuff on the faire. But there are more of them. Drums for tinies and more Xavian Starsider put out amazing drums as relay for life donation item. The drums are available in a version for humans and a version for tinies and even one for Petites. Besides of having a very cute animation the drums are scripted extremly well. This allows to form bands togehter which play all the same song.This allows to form bands together. Of course this has happend at the Fantasy Faire. Maybe if going there you will manage to see a concert of Captain Ferret and the Jungle Bungles.

Welcome to Fantasy Faire

Avatar: Isle of Wyrms - Spirit Hatchling (visit Isle of Wyrms at the Fantasy Faire)
Drums: Tiny Calypso Steel Drums - RFL Vendor (325 L$ which go for relay for life sold at the Fantasy Faire)

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