Tuesday, April 24, 2012

.la petite morte. Fantasy Faire 2012

Elvira loved this time of day, the twilight, the shadows in the forest that kept everything so cool, so pleasantly murky. The others, her sisters, all had their favourite times and places, some were happiest in the ice, snowflakes dusting their skin, others relished the burning heat of the sun, and the feel of dry sand between their toes. This was where she was at home.

Fantasy Faire VP

As easily as she could blend into the crepuscular atmosphere in the heart of the ancient forest, bending her lithe form to match the curve of fallen bough, her eyes always sparkled with more light than found its way through the leaves. She danced nimbly over tree roots, sending small creatures scuttling over the leaf litter. Giggling, she would chase the forest deer, running swiftly with barely a sound. Pausing whenever her eye caught the glint of water, stopping to gaze at their reflection in the slow flowing pools. Slowly tracing her fingertips over the markings she had woken with that evening, the flash of colour around her eyes, wondering what this meant, what adventures this new plumage would bring...

Make ups

The donation items from la petite morte for the Fantasy Faire make a great look, several looks actually, if you opt for the fatpack. I've chosen not to wear the horns here, but they are sweet little things, perfect for a young demon or imp, even a pixie! The tail - worn here, but for once my ass isn't showing, is cute and small, with an arrowhead tip. Also available at the faire you can find the skin in different colours, from dark midnight, to snowy white, ice blue and dawn pink. The makeups, skins and shape are all beautifully detailed. 

Top Left - > Right .la petite morte. francesca twilight M1 CL, M2 CL, M3 CL
Bottom Left - > Right .la petite morte. francesca twilight M4 CL, M5CL

Skin -  Francesca Twilight (ALL makeups and fatpack are donation)
Prices in general: Single Makeup Pack + CL option+color changing horns, tail and ears (horns and tail not shown in picture here) -500L
Fatpacks are all makeups plus above options-1500L
Shape- Francesca Imp Shape 250L
Outfit - Chaospire "Nightmist" Fae 300L

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