Friday, April 27, 2012


The fish flew when feeling it come closer. The waves it created in the water were something they hadn't felt before and they prefered not to get in contact with something they didn't know. So it cry got lost unheard. Not that there could have been many of its kind around. It was a fugitive just escaped the mental chains its former owner had used to controll it. Now it was swimming freely for the first time it remembered. The feeling was great. Before it always had been just a living weapon in the strange wars of the seafolk. Its race had been created by them using what ever creatures they found useful until they finally got its kin. The seadrykes. Europa SeadrykeSwimming feeling felt amazing. And it recognized the difference between the deepth where it had been kept all its life. Like a waterbutterfly it was gliding higher and higher leaving the cold zones of the sea. In its long time as useful prisoner it never had the feelings it was having know. The witches of the seafolk always kept their pets caught in dreams. It would be fatal if they would realize their powers. Not fatal for the seadrykes but for the seafolk which prefered using them to defend against others.
The moment when it crashed through the watersurface and jumped into the air was a shock for it. But the air felt as good on its wings as the water did before. The stones of the towers vibrated as it started to call the ones of its kin which were still kept underwater. Now nervously moving in their dreams.
Europa Seadryke test pic 1 Europa is one of the amazing stores which have a truely own style no matter if its wings, dragons or more human like avatars. This makes them fit so wonderfully to the fantasy faire. The seadryke in coral is one of their many donation items. Its a complete dragon avatar with a very unique look. It comes with an own ao which contains several poses for the avatar. The ao also has beeing used when taking the pictures. The movements of the dryke somehow remind of a fish. The avatar consits of a mix of sculpted and flexi parts which makes it very beautiful to look at. On the Europa store at the fantasy faire its not only possible to buy their wonderful creations they also show some of their art and a model of one of their dragon avatars. Their sim is also definitly worth a visit.
The pictures for this blogpost have been taken at the Tides. Which offer a perfect contrast to the tones of red of the seadryke.

Avatar: [europa] CORAL Seadryke (1200 L$ sold as Donation item for Relay for life at the Fantasy Faire)

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  1. It's a wonderful avie, that I must get, sooner or later... and the second picture is amazingly beautiful!