Friday, April 27, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Raggedy Rosie

Rosie May Copperstone was poor. So poor that she couldn’t afford to buy a proper dress in her entire life. She wandered around in the country, sometimes she asked for food, but more often she begged for a piece of rag, an old shirt that nobody used any more, a skirt that was too small for the lady of the house. She was very apt with the needle, and quite soon people were calling her “Raggedy Rosie” because of her billowing, huge patchwork dress.
Raggedy Rosie
Then, one bright summer day, Rosie met her luck. A pair of lovely shoes lay scattered along the path she was taking, as if they had been waiting for her to pass by. Rosie May didn’t think twice, she put the shoes on... and after a few steps she felt so very odd. Why was she walking with such ease now, as if she were flying? And when Rosie May looked around she discovered she was indeed floating, the butterflies on her shoes came alive and a swarm of these beautiful winged creatures was also grabbing at each square inch of her colourful dress, whisking her away. People were talking about Raggedy Rosie for a long time thereafter... but nobody saw her and the patchwork dress again.
Butterfly Attack
I still remember how I first arrived to the shop of Grim Bros. One day I saw a girl wearing a long, floaty dress with so many lovely details that I just had to find out about the creator… who happened to be one Cutea Benelli. I immediately TPd over to her shop, where I got a minor shock seeing what an unbelievable product range she offered… and how incredibly crazy and quirky some of her creations were. Ever since I’ve been a regular at Miss Benelli’s lair and whenever I feel like wearing a truly creepy funny demented avatar, I only have to look under the „Grim Bros” chapter of my inv.

Cutea has her shop at the Fantasy Faire and offers many RFL donation items, among which the explosively colourful yet lovely „Patchwork Princess” gown and the pale „Butterfly Mask” skin that completes the look. Yet my personal favourites are the „Butterfly Love” heels, not only because the colour of the shoes perfectly matches the blue of the butterfly mask, but also because the butterflies are animated and they gently flap and flutter… now who wouldn’t want a pair of heels like this?

You can find Grim Bros in the Meandervale sim. Check out the shop thoroughly, because you’ll find many more RFL items that you’ll certainly covet and, quite probably, also buy... and if you click on the white commando bunny that hops around in the booth, and you answer his riddle properly, you even get a lovely prize!

Dress: Grim Bros „Patchwork Princess” – RFL donation item (180 L$).
Shoes: Grim Bros “Butterfly Love” heels - RFL donation item (150 L$).
Jewellery: Finesmith “Enlightened” set – April group gift (0 L$).
Skin: Grim Bros “Butterfly Mask” skin - RFL donation item (40 L$).
Hair: Evie’s Closet “Butterfly Effect Hair” – Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry “Neko Felidae” Look – camping prize available in the shop.
Butterflies: Talevin’s Designs “Staff of Butterflies” – MM Board prize (0 L$).
Poses: No Strings Attached “Frankenfae” in the first picture and Long Awkward Poses “Butterfly” in the second one – neither are available any more.

The pictures were taken at Alirium Gardens.

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