Saturday, April 28, 2012

GPD at The Fantasy Faire


I am pleased to say that the Fantasy Faire has extended for another day yipeeeee! so any of you unfortunate folks that weren't able to get there yestersday due to SL being down for the craziest amount of time, can breathe a sigh of relief and cram your last bit of shopping in today. If you like a bit of Gothic then please do take a peek at GPD which specialises in Gothic themed clothing and is where this saucy little number I wear is from. I would like to add more to this post, but I'm afraid that my computer keeps freezing and I am conscious of getting it published ASAP ...and I did have a lovely little story planned to accompany the picture too. Not to worry, happy shopping for the most worthy of causes, remember it all makes a difference.

Outfit: 200L -  Hearts - red > GPD

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