Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Skinthesis at The Fantasy Faire

untitled collage

Well I see what all the fuss is about The Fantasy Faire, it's the most incredible opportunity for creators to be totally unfettered and wow are there some amazing things to be seen. The realms of fantasy in this world are boundless and today I'm sampling out some gems from Skinthesis which are from the day 2 releases. My choices are butterfly themed, being the wings and make up, Ok I might just have a wing obsession now. For the wings there are 13 shades which come in 2 sizes. The make up there are 6 colour options. For more details of the Fantasy Faire check the official website > HERE

Main picture: Wings - Crystal  Make up - Fantasia > Skinthesis

Green: Wings - Majesty &  Make up - Majesty > Skinthesis
Purple: Wings - Fantasia & Make up - RFL > Skinthesis
White: Wings- Cocoon & Make up - Powder > Skinthesis
Black: Wings - Velvet & Make up - Ink > Skinthesis
(Wings are 75L & make up is 100L)

Other credits
Skin: 90L - Cherry skin by Vendetta @ > XYROOM
Hair: 280L - QPT129 > Boon

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