Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Hulk

„Rhurrrrrr…. rahahawRRRR! RhuawwRRRR!” The howl was bloodcurdling enough… yet something was still missing, Puwynpod thought. Maybe he should add another cadence of throaty, menacing „HrrrawwwwRRR”s? Yes, that’s it, concluded Puwynpod, and flexed his biceps. His muscles were dancing a dangerous waltz under his bright green skin, and he watched them contentedly with a thin wicked smile playing on his lips.
“I want to see your faces the next time we meet, you bloody cowards!” – Puwynpod snarled. “Oh yes, I’m going to teach you how to steal and pillage. HrrrawwwwwRRRR! Tremble, filthy worms!” Ready to fight his battle, Puwynpod rose and stood in full glory, his 3-inch-tall body erect and proud. When you’re a Green Pea Pixy and your duty is to scare away mice and snails who want to feast on the fresh crop, you must look monstruously fearsome indeed.

In addition to the “Beatrice” skins, De La Soul also has a series of beautiful male hides for the Fantasy Faire, appropriately called “Beaux”. This time I’m showing you the bright “Jade” tone... highly recommended to every aspiring Pea Pixy, or anyone who just wants a show stopper of a skin. :) Go to the “Shifting Sands” sim in order to buy it, and walk around to see some more splendid items for sale.

Skin: De La Soul “Beaux Ikon” in Jade - RFL donation item (350 L$).
Outfit: PeKaS “Maroon Green” kilt – MM board gift (0 L$).
Horns: Illusions „Cerwnw” – 75 L$.
Hair: EMO-tions „Jesse” – a previous group gift, not available any more.
Shape: Sophistishapes „Gabriel” – a previous hunt gift, currently available for 1000 L$.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „March Grasses” – monthly freebie still available in the shop (0 L$).
Poses: Embody „Desperado” in the first picture, „Flex” in the second one. Both poses are previous hunt/MM gifts, now the single poses are available for 49 L$, the 5-pose packs are 199 L$.

The pictures were taken at Selidor.


  1. I really adore the accompanying story, it gave me such a smile! great post <3

  2. Thank you, Fauna - one of the best things in life is when you can make someone smile. :) I had much fun with this jade green skin, it's so beautiful yet surreal that I just _had_ to invent something to fit the mood. Happy to see you back! :) :)

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    1. *blushes and caresses her ancient yet faithful Photoshop*