Thursday, April 26, 2012

Evie's closet at The Fantasy Faire

Polonadine lived her whole life in obscurity, hidden from society and locked away in long forgotten folly which lay dormant in King Tyrodone's Castle grounds. For when she was born, she had been granted with a magical gift of beautiful golden nectar infused hair, which was the only source of nectar on which the Monarch Morphios butterfly could feed. It was her legacy that she, Polonadine, would be responsible for the preservation of these rare species of butterfly. As she was such a striking beauty King Tyrodone soon heard of this young maiden with her rare gift and decided that he must have her as his own.

Evie's-closet @ Fantasy Faire 2012

Polonadine had never attempted to break free from her incarceration but one day she grew curious. That was the day when the kings Lepidopterist came for his usual visit. Polonadine had convinced the man she had seen a new unknown species of butterfly and that it must be investigated at once! Polondine told the Lepidopterist that the new species liked not humidity, but the coolness of the well, and as he made to look in the well Polonadine pushed the man in! As Polandine reached the boundaries of the Castles confines she lamented, actually, she thought, I do have such pretty clothes and many books to read, I have no chores to do, perhaps I should give this more thought. As she turned and made back for the folly, she considered her options which would not be difficult, especially since Lepidopterist had met such and unfortunate fate & who else knew so much about butterflies?

Evie's closet Fantasy Faire 2012

Continuing on my Fantasy Faire theme I share this beautiful outfit from Evie's closet there are 4 other colour/design options available all with matching butterfly crowns, I probably didn't co-ordinate my properly but I still like it a lot!

Dress: 450L -  Lenka - Tarragon > Evie's Closet
Butterfly crown: 100L -  Cayenne > Evie's closet
Skin: 99L - Tori skin - tan by WoW @ > XYROOM
Hair: 120L - Love, selma - blonde sparkle > Pomme d Amour


  1. I loved the story and so great pictures.

  2. We also like a lot your "improperly" coordinated outfit, Fauna! :) I'm really happy you're blogging FF stuff, too, it adds one more unique colour to the eclectic mixture. :) :)