Thursday, April 26, 2012

+ eX + e z u r a X u e at the Fantasy Faire

"Ahhh..." sighed Caliope with an air of satisfaction as she stepped out onto the rotting log, dank moss springing her step. Turning her face to the sky, eyes smudged with soot and ashes from the fires of divination she had tended throughout the day, she gazed at the heavens. "Stars be bright tonight.." she mused to no one in particular. "That's good..." Her soft drawl turned the heads of the toads sitting on the swamps ragged lily pads. Ripples spread across the dark water as the eyes and snouts of alligators rose up, moving languidly toward her. Everything in the swamp was as anyone would expect, covered in lichen and dirt, all natural, all living and dying in turn so other things could live. Everything was coated in slime, cobwebs or dirt, all except the chest in her den, the chest where she kept her few lasting treasures, including the silks she wore tonight.

Faire 1

These garments were special, as natural as the rest of her world, woven intricately with both the silk of swamp spiders, and golden thread she had made from small discs of the eternally shiny metal she had found in the deepest pools in the midst of the mangroves. She wore these on the nights of the ritual. Her footsteps along the crumbling bough over the water were sure, even though her gaze never wavered from the sky, her eyes seeking out the moon. Clouds scudded across its face, the longer she looked, the clearer it became, gilding the swamp and all of its creatures with moonlight. The pulse of the fireflies intensified, snakes writhed over the muddy ground as the miasma swirled around her feet and legs, dampening the silk, giving it weight and presence as a soft dew formed over the gold, making the runes shimmer and seem to move. Murmuring the incantation they depicted, she began to fade from view, becoming part of everything. Sinking into the mists she would be everywhere, able to see all, and feel all, protecting this sanctuary for another season. 

Faire 2 

This is the Arcane Mage outfit, one of the Relay for Life donation items at + eX + e z u r a X u e. It helpfully comes with a guide to resizing the prims - which is very good for anyone who hasn't done a lot of modifying. The collar and skirt prims sit very nicely. The runes throughout the outfit tie all the pieces together, and this would really work for any mage or soothsayer RP, as an outfit for rituals - or just because you like it!

Outfit : + eX + e z u r a X u e  +Arcane Mage   Relay for Life Donation Item @ the Fantasty Faire 250L
Skin : :::insanya::: Marzia Wheat - ZombiePopCorn Special Edition (Old Hunt Item)
Nails : [Virtual/Insanity] : Kitty Galore Sharp Claws (Twisted Spring Hunt Item 2012)


  1. Meowwww... another must-have! You've created a great dark and sexy look, Vyl! :)

  2. \o/ ty Ursula. Inspiring outfit!