Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012- Studio Sidhe

Of all the things about life under the sea that Marianne enjoyed, from pulling faces at fish, to luring the odd fisherman over the side of his boat to sink into the depths, there was one thing that she always enjoyed most. Scouring the sea bed in regions where light still reached the sands, she would search for clams, for oysters, for all the shellfish who could perform their own little miracles, the production of pearls. The small ones she would carefully prise open, not wanting, or needing to harm the creature inside to get at the pearls. She found tiny seed pearls, the smallest you could see, to those large enough to pierce and string on a necklace. She left those, giving the creatures time to do their work, to create their own little masterpieces. She was after larger game, more dangerous quarry, wanting the ultimate prize.

Faery Sola Pearl

She found it, hidden in the depths of a colony of oysters and clams.. each one getting larger as she swam through the water, toward the centre of the group, the oldest part of this living city. She kept above the seabed, not wanting the group to taste her presence in the water and clamp down too soon, no sense in making things harder than they would be. She dove, pushing her hands inside the shell of the giant clam, using all of the strength in her tail to help lever it open, reaching down inside for what she hoped would be it...
A powerful swipe of her tail and she was free, prize in hand, her spine arching in delight as she held the giant pearl high, making its flawless surface shine even in the low dappled light under the water.

Pose :  Studio Sidhe   Mermaid Pearl Diving   (Fantasy Faire RFL donation item 150L) Pose includes the giant pearl!
Mer outfit - marketplace item - 150L

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